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Welcome to the City Skies Wiki

A place for City Skies partners to share information

Basic navigation information:
Use the links on the left to find resources organized into pages. As members of this Wiki, you have the ability to edit or add content to pages. There will be certain pages where it is clear you are allowed to edit the page with your organization's information, photos etc. You can also start a discussion post.

How to create/post in a discussion on a specific page
1. Go to the page of interest listed on the left
2. Press on the small comment bubbles in the top right corner
3. Select "New Post" or choose the post you would like to comment in
4. Share your thoughts and "Post"!

How to add content to a page
1. Go to the page of interest on the left
2. Press the "Edit" button at the top of the page
3. Use the "Link", "File" or "Widget" buttons to add content (or just start typing!)
4. Press "Save" to save your edits

City Skies TFI Web Page
Find all the information you need to know about our program that is not contained in this Wiki!

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