This page has been created in order to give you easy access to materials we have compiled from the trainings at TFI. If there is anything not here that you would like access to, please let us know and we will do our best to get that to you!

Fall & Spring Sky Orientation Workshops
The Lunar Phase and Eclipse Activity Demonstration

This site shows you the current location of the International Space Station and a cool look at what the astronomers are seeing at that moment.
Current Position of the ISS

Use this link to check out when and where to look for the ISS.
NASA- Spot the Station

This is Dr. Quick's Solar System Presentation.

Sunspotter Workshop:

Here are notes on the group discussion questions at the beginning of the workshop

Dean's Powerpoint Presentation:
(Videos removed and linked below)

These are notes taken on Dean Pesnell's Sun presentation

Videos of the Sun (from Dean)

Spectral Lines of Elements:
spectral lines.png

Spectral Lines of the Sun:

Relevant Online Links:

Use this link to explore the surface of the Sun and check out awesome pictures and videos of solar flares, sunspots and more!

Read about how and why scientists take images of the Sun in different wavelengths! Plus look at photos of different aspects of the Sun's surface!
Solar Images

Check here for answers to frequently asked questions about the Sun and space weather!
Solar/Space FAQs

Want to know more about the life and death of our Sun? Read about stellar evolution here!
Stellar Evolution